Published in the newspaper La verdad on the 27/03/07. Page 33.
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The company CABEZO GORDO, S. L., the concessionaire of the quarry “Los Collejones” of the town of Murcia De Blanca, that until now has commercialized the stone extracted as Piedra de Abarán, communicates that, from this date, the commercial name of this variety will be PIEDRA DE BLANCA because this is the name of the place where it is from. Término Municipal de Blanca (Murcia),  que hasta ahora ha comercializado la piedra extraída de la misma como Piedra de Abarán, comunica que, a partir de la fecha, la denominación comercial de esta variedad será PIEDRA DE BLANCA por ser éste el término municipal de donde procede.

This material has been used because of its qualities in emblematic buildings of the Region of Murcia since decades ago, and also in other buildings around the country, here are some that should be highlighted

  • Archeological museum of Murcia (cultural house)
  • Hydraulic museum of Murcia (Rio Segura windmill)
  •  Regional Once headquarters (Murcia)
  • Bank of Spain (Murcia)
  • Ministry of territorial politics (Murcia)
  • Audience and congress centre of Murcia
  • New justice of Guernica palace (Bilbao)
  • Navigation Pavilion (Sevilla Expo -92)
  • Congress and exposition palace of Castilla León (Salamanca) (international award winning prize for Architechture in Verona - Italy) (Salamanca)(Premio Internacional de Arquitectura en Verona-Italia)


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