Stones from El Cabezo

White Stone
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During three generations and without stopping y the Stone of El cabezo gordo and the White Stone have been extracted, elaborated and commercialized. Something to highlight should be the extraordinary behavior the Stone of El Cabezo and the White stone have when talking about the process of getting old, as they are don’t change as time passes. Stones from El Cabezo y la Piedra de Blanca, inalterables al paso del tiempo.

Our company has been dedicated to the elaboration of products destined to civil construction use since the beginning. Furthermore, in more recent times, our products have also been destined to use of interiors and facades; this is because our products offer exclusivity when it comes to their properties and placement.

Press statement

 The company Cabezo Gordo, S.L. states that from the date, the comercial denomination of the calcarenite that it comertializes will be PIEDRA DE BLANCA, as this is the municipal definition of where it comes from. PIEDRA DE BLANCA, por ser este el término municipal de donde procede.

Stone from El Cabezo

 La Stones from El Cabezo is a calcitic marble of White-grey or grey tones that presents veined white and ocher tones

White Stone

 La White Stone The White Stone is a calcarenite type stone, it’s a fine grain sedimented rock made up mostly of calcite, quartz and dolomite that has a cement and calcitic matrix and hints of siliceous cement. The calcarenitic rocks are included within the commercial varieties of sandstone as they are rocks between sandstone and limestone and that are distinguished for the presence of fossil remains and for presenting a carbonated matrix.  compuesta principalmente por calcita, cuarzo y dolomita


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